Monday, November 2, 2009

So it begins...

This blog is here to give the average fan something to read about, look at and be amused by. The commish's are from the New York area, so we will be biased but we will definitely give a view from all over the sports lets begin shall we.....

Manu Ginobili must have forgot what day it was, because he still thought last night was Halloween and he came as Batman

In case you missed it, a bat flew into the game last night between San Antonio and the Sacramento Queens, i mean Kings, and the Argentinian Prince, Manu swatted right out of the air

You have to feel bad for this bat, it had no idea it was about to fly right into the hand of Mr. Ginobili, but check out the guy that gets handed the bat from Ginobili, i mean how much is that guy getting paid right...You gotta pay me a little more then minimum wage to be holding onto a dead bat that Manu can add to his collection...Don't be surprised if those animal lovers, PETA, get involved....can anyone say Michael Vick.

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