Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everything you want in a team

For years the Met fan hated and dispised two things in this world, one being Steve Phillips and the second was the Braves. The whole Phillips hatred still lingers but the Braves have fallen out of the "hate" category a new hatred has been paced upon those damn Phillies. But is it really hate? Or is it jealousy?

Watching this World Series ande seeing the Phillies play the Mets over the past few years, 2 things become very clear. One is that the Phillies are really good and the other thing is that they are going to be really good for a long time. They have the good mix of excellent home grown talent ( Howard, Hamels, Utley) mixed in with a crafty General Manager that has brought in some excellent outside talent( Victorino, Werth, Lee, Ibanez) as well as having fun playing with each other while winning games.( And alot of them)

Also watching this team you get the sense that they have the confidence in each other, coupled with their grittyness, to never count themselves out of any game, both things that the Mets clearly lack. Compared to the Mets it looked like the Phillies were coming back and winning every game in the late innings while trailing, meanwhile the boys in Flushing were half way in the showers when they were down any amount of runs after the 5th inning. Add all that together and the fact that they got Mets fan favorite Dominican righty, Pedro Martinez, to throw harder then 90 MPH and get through more the 6 innings of work while still being effective, it makes me think that although i hate them, this Phillies team is everything that I wish the Mets could be.

A few words of advice for the Mets is time to stop competing with George and the boys from Bronx for the cover of the back page and take a walk over to Broad Street to see how they do it in Philly.


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